Dinika Byrappa

Data Gumbo Talent Spotlight: Dinika Byrappa

As Data Gumbo continues to grow its employee base in 2021, we’re exploring new team members in an ongoing ‘Talent Spotlight’ blog series. On deck is Dinika Byrappa, Product Manager. Byrappa came on board Data Gumbo as a Senior Business Analyst in August of 2020 and swiftly transitioned into this current role. Previously, she spent six years at Halliburton in both Principal Technical Analyst and Lead Technical Analyst capacities.

Byrappa is passionate about solving customer-facing problems, providing innovative solutions and building products. Working to advance GumboNet features, Byrappa is responsible for leading a cross-functional team, owning the functional product roadmap and ensuring the delivery of quality products to our customers. 

Welcome Dinika! We’re glad to have you on board. Let’s learn more about you. 

Tell me about your previous workplace experience and what led you to Data Gumbo.

I have 12+ years of experience in IT, working in roles such as Lead Technical Analyst, Quality Assurance Lead, Software Developer in different sectors including oil and gas and telecommunications. After working in large organizations, I realized that my skills were underutilized, and that my responsibilities were limited. I wanted to move from traditional technologies to something less narrow and more focused on the future, which led me to Data Gumbo. 

What tech trends do you currently keep up with? What makes you excited about applying your software development experience to help industry?

Tech is very fast paced and keeping up with all of the concurrent developments is hard, but I try to stay abreast of interesting trends such as autonomous vehicles and machine learning. Others that I monitor closely include cloud computing, 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) edge devices and how these technologies are helping organizations quickly transform digitally to succeed.

My diverse experience includes program and project management, business analysis, software testing and coding, which allows me to consider these aspects of development when building a software solution. I believe bridging gaps is essential to deliver quality products to customers. 

Do you have any predictions on the role of technology in energy’s ability to come out of crisis?

The oil and gas industry has been through many challenges within the past few years and must figure out ways to continue delivering energy to the world using less CapEx. To be competitive in the market and survive, companies are starting to think differently and look at new technology solutions including blockchain to achieve their goals. For example, a blockchain-based smart contract like ours can transform existing manual contracts to digital contracts to solve day-to-day transaction challenges and provide savings. 

What are you most looking forward to as Data Gumbo continues to mature and evolve?

Having joined Data Gumbo just a few months ago, it has already been such an exciting journey. I’m looking forward to aiding the company as it solidifies its market leader position providing smart contracts. 

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