Data Gumbo Ambassador Program

Data Gumbo is Launching an Ambassador Program

Data Gumbo is thrilled to share that we are launching an executive referral program known as our Ambassador Program. This networking group aims to promote, connect and incentivize the adoption of GumboNet™, our company’s massively interconnected blockchain network. 

“Asset-heavy and capital-intensive industries are situated at the front lines of digital transformation and, in today’s environment, need the benefits of smart contracts like massive savings and efficiencies more than ever,” said Andrew Bruce, CEO and Founder, Data Gumbo. 

“This program will unite leaders to aid in the knowledge distribution of Data Gumbo to positively transform how business is executed, and to help customers and potential customers run leaner,” continued Bruce. “We look forward to growing our base of Ambassadors as GumboNet gains momentum in the world’s most critical industries.” 

With a mission to empower innovative executives with information about how to leverage smart contracts to realize certainty in commercial relationships, the Ambassador Program will bring together technology enthusiasts with a regular cadence of in-person and global virtual events.

CLICK HERE sign up to learn to more about the opportunity to join a network of industry leaders and unlock the unique opportunity to extend the reach of Data Gumbo’s smart contract technology.

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