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It’s been a busy week at Data Gumbo and it’s only Wednesday. On Monday, Data Gumbo joined other local professionals and sponsored a hole at Golf for Good in support of our ongoing #DGcares initiative for the RedM Movement, a crowd-sourced networking movement to improve the human condition and aid those impacted by sex trafficking. 

Then our very own CEO and Founder, Andrew Bruce, participated in a panel presentation at CERAweek by IHS Market 2022, one of the world’s premiere conferences uniting global energy, financy, policy and technology leaders. Alongside Rebecca Hoffman and Rashi Gajula of industry-consortium group Blockchain for Energy, in addition to Raj Rapaka of ExxonMobil and Stan Guzik of S&P Global Commodity Insights, the panel explored the growth and success of blockchain in oil & gas supply chains

The week also saw the launch of GumboStore, our industry-grade smart contract marketplace that enables GumboNet subscribers to easily deploy, create, publish or license intuitive smart contract templates to eliminate transactional and informational friction in commercial relationships. Similar to iTunes or the App Store, GumboStore aims to become the central repository for smart contract templates that solve real-world problems, transform industries and drive widespread smart contract adoption.

With an array of templates created by GumboNet subscribers and through strategic company partnerships, as well as pre-connected data sources from key industry players, the marketplace allows for companies to upload their own templates, set licensing terms and publish their own smart contracts to the GumboStore. Users from subscribing companies can browse available templates, agree to the End User License Agreement (EULA), and then use selected templates for their own company.

By providing a fast, elegant way for companies to access templates created by Data Gumbo and other third-parties, we are executing our mission to realize transactional certainty for tomorrow’s industrial leaders. With no coding or developer involvement necessary to provision templates, GumboStore enables customers to deploy smart contracts without developer or Data Gumbo support. Company administrators can easily build a deck of templates for their organization’s unique needs with a few mouse clicks.

Additionally, the marketplace supplies structure for third-parties to create and license their own smart contracts and earn revenue, granting companies the opportunity to benefit from millions in R&D without paying Service Integrator prices despite the complex problems solved – now anyone can start writing and publishing smart contracts for a pre-existing smart contract network to streamline operations and reduce the hefty transaction costs of doing business in today’s digital environment. 

At GumboStore’s launch, the library already contains a much broader set of business to business (B2B) smart contract templates for industry-specific use cases than any other platform with expectations that current customers, industry associations, consortium partners and more will license their own contracts on the marketplace to leverage GumboNet to truly create the largest, most trusted industrial smart contract network in the world.

To request a demo or learn more about GumboStore, please contact or your account manager.

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