Data Gumbo Presents at The Open Group Open Footprint™ Forum Global Event

As a global concern for companies, governments and the general public, accurate data on emissions, material and energy consumption is critical to the improvement and management of environmental footprints. 

This week The Open Group Open Footprint™ Forum  (OFP), the vendor-neutral technology consortium working to enable the achievement of business objectives through technology standards, is holding a global forum event. The two-day event on June 23 and June 24 is focused on the benefits of reliable tracking of environmental footprint data for companies including the standardization of technologies to reduce the work involved in collecting supply chain data. 

Consortium members including Data Gumbo, Shell, Equinor, Microsoft Corporation, IBM, Amazon Web Services, Deloitte Consulting, LLP, among others are collaborating to create a common model for footprint-related data covering all types of emissions and consumptions (e.g., water, land, energy). The forum endeavors to ensure openness, interoperability and consensus.

As members, William Fox, Chief Product Officer at Data Gumbo will co-present on June 24 with Javier Espinoza, Chief Architect at Data Gumbo and Johan Krebbers, IT CTO (VP IT Innovation) at Shell, on open-source emissions calculations and ESG reporting software. 

To measure environmental impact, technology will need to be coupled with business logic to make an automated, easy and scalable solution for all types of industries to calculate emissions in their supply chain. Data Gumbo and OFP are focusing on just that - an emission calculation engine and set of standards for broad use to global industries.

Registration is free and open to the public. Details available here.  

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