Denyel ReneVillia

Data Gumbo Talent Spotlight: Denyel ReneVillia

One of our most recent additions to the expanding Data Gumbo team is Denyel ReneVillia, Director of Customer Success

Denyel joined Data Gumbo from Silverline, a Salesforce implementation partner headquartered in New York City. She has robust experience leading digital transformation projects and developing powerful results-driven methodologies that leverage best practices for a range of clients across the nation. In her role as Solution Architect and Manager, Denyel supported customers in the implementation and adoption of enterprise-wide software solutions while consulting on business process improvements and change management strategies. 

Prior to that role, she was the Manager of Salesforce Products for Love’s Travel Stops where she partnered directly with Salesforce to lead the first US-based Accelerated Digital Transformation. The goal of this project was to implement multiple Salesforce cloud solutions across the entire portfolio of Love’s companies. These business units included the Commercial, Factoring, Transportation, Commodity Supply, Customer Loyalty and Retail divisions.  

Before joining Love’s, Denyel served as a Business Analyst for Williams, a mid-stream transportation company, where she was responsible for building out the Salesforce platform for the Commercial, Engineering and Construction teams.

In this blog feature, Data Gumbo adds Denyel to the lineup of talent spotlight blogs including:

Welcome Denyel! We are happy to have you here. 

Tell us more about customer success and the role you play.

Customer Success is a relatively new name for an old concept. Companies have known for a long time that it’s important to make the customer happy but the discipline of Customer Success takes it a step further to make sure that a solution is as impactful and valuable as possible. Customer Success really begins after a product is purchased. At Data Gumbo, my team and I are responsible for the successful implementation of GumboNet, as well as the training that our customers need to be successful, but that’s just the beginning. We also keep customers educated on new product features, make sure they are ready for the latest release and work with them to find new ways to use GumboNet to maximize the value of their investment. 

I notice you have done lots of work with Salesforce implementations in the past. How does GumboNet differ from Salesforce and how are they the same?

I’ve spent most of my career helping companies build out solutions using Salesforce products because I realized that while Salesforce was originally focused on CRM functionality, it was at its core a platform. It’s really just a framework where a myriad of other custom solutions can be built. When I learned about Data Gumbo, I instantly saw that same potential in GumboNet. While GumboNet is supported by blockchain technology and Salesforce isn’t, both companies aim to streamline and automate business processes. GumboNet automates the terms of a contract and delivers transactional certainty between counterparties, thus filling a universal need. 

How do you ensure an excellent experience at Data Gumbo?

We really listen to our customers to find their pain points and the business use cases that are cumbersome for them. Once we know that, we walk them through the process of implementation and educate them along the way so they are empowered to build their own solutions going forward using our network as a base. In Customer Success our work is never done. We always nurture our relationships to make sure that our customers get all of the value possible from our network. 

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