Data Gumbo Talent Spotlight: Kiran Anis

Next up in our ongoing Talent Spotlight series is Kiran Anis, VP of Customer Success. Before joining the Data Gumbo team, Kiran was a Senior Principal Program Manager at Oracle where she led process improvement initiatives and new business implementations. Prior to that, she held positions as Senior Program Manager at Infor, Occidental Energy Marketing and Accenture. 

In her role at Data Gumbo, Kiran liaises with the product development and business development teams – as well as provide executive oversight on implementations and works with client leadership – to develop and document implementation frameworks and build a global professional services organization that prioritizes our customers’ needs and enables their successes.


Welcome to the team. To get started, tell us a bit about your professional journey to our company.
My path has been a bit unique. I started working for Deloitte with a 10 week internship through  college that then morphed into a two year long experience. Though my background is in accounting, I realized early on that I preferred customer-facing roles and made the switch accordingly to business development and change enablement at Accenture and then eventually into program management. I’ve found that I enjoy roles centered around building long term relationships and providing solutions that deeply impact a customer’s business. 

At Data Gumbo, I find working with smart contracts and distributed ledgers exciting as it unites two of my passions – creating and implementing process improvement to help customers capture value, and in being a voice for the customer internally.

What do you think are the biggest customer pain points right now in asset-heavy industries?With increasing pressure to reduce emissions across asset-heavy industries, I am currently witnessing pain points around the companies’ abilities to ensure regulatory compliance. Obtaining historical and real-time data to understand the impact of specific equipment and systems on emissions is key in being able to make informed decisions that support operational and environmental sustainability. This type of data can help to create accurate and reliable views of emissions and provides the context necessary to reduce or eliminate emissions much faster.

What exactly is customer success and how does it impact Data Gumbo customers?
Before my time at Data Gumbo, customer success meant post sales support and maintaining continuous relationships with customers. Now customer success means owning the customer lifecycle with a focus on building implementations all the way through to training and support. We do this by building rapport through regular meetings and executive business reviews, where we conduct demos with the customer’s data to further foster trust and continuously understand what drives that particular customer’s success criteria and how we can better deliver based on those evolving metrics.

What other interests do you have outside of work?
I love traveling and hiking and usually plan at least one to two hiking trips a year. I've hiked all over Utah, Colorado and even internationally in Vietnam. I’m a huge reader, and set yearly goals I try to achieve through GoodReads. I enjoy a good music festival (oh, how I miss those), and board games - even going to some tabletop gaming conventions - I’m just a bit of a nerd, can you tell? Ha!

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