Talent Spotlight Mohamed Marzouk

Data Gumbo Talent Spotlight: Mohamed Marzouk

In early March, Data Gumbo announced its expansion with the launch of an office in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to accelerate regional traction and leverage business opportunities ripe for smart contract network adoption. As well, Data Gumbo appointed Mohamed Marzouk as its Saudi Arabia Country Manager.

As we welcome Mohamed to the team, we figured a talent spotlight as the perfect occasion to learn more about his professional experience and tee up his exciting role at leading regional expansion for Data Gumbo.

With over 25 years of experience in business development leadership roles with multinational energy companies – including prior positions with Halliburton and Advanced Energy Systems (ADES) – Mohamed brings a proven record for identifying, pursuing and achieving business goals in a variety of oil and gas upstream applications, in strategic planning and sales as well as maintaining excellent customer relationships. Welcome!

To get started, can you tell us about what it means to be a Country Manager?
As a Country Manager, I focus on driving strategic expansion into new marketplaces and guide commercial performance through the implementation of our network’s features for customers. My job allows me to work closely with leadership teams and tap into my creative problem-solving and strategic skills to recognize opportunities and formulate thoughtful plans to ensure business success and build new markets.

What are the biggest customer pain points you see in asset-heavy industries right now?
Right now organizations are facing pressure to increase productivity while having to bear constraints of a reduced workforce due to the pandemic. Many companies are looking for other ways to increase productivity without heavy financial investments and digital transformation offers a way to solve several of these challenges. For example, smart contracts powered by blockchain technology, help deliver a new approach to digitize commercial relationships to reduce friction, lessen administrative burdens and streamline operations.

How are you seeing the imperative to digitally transform energy impacting the oil and gas sector?
The oil and gas sector operates on a lot of outdated practices that obfuscate lease operating expense (LOE) visibility resulting in over/under billing, wasted field time on invoice allocation and other complications. Digital transformation is no longer an option for companies operating on today’s razor thin margins, and moving to solutions like Data Gumbo can help energy companies reduce LOE, and free up personnel to focus on more strategic initiatives.

What role do you believe Data Gumbo can play in the region?
As the only smart contract network, Data Gumbo is poised to play a major role helping companies in the region increase productivity, reduce operational costs and tackle ESG reporting initiatives. 


What tech trends do you follow and why?
I keep a pulse on current affairs and how it impacts the market. Also, I watch trends in the digital transformation space and how applications support new processes that aid growth patterns for business domains.

Where do you see Data Gumbo in five years?
Data Gumbo is positioned to become the go-to for industrial-grade smart contracts that can be easily downloaded and implemented for industry specific use cases across construction, mining, manufacturing along with oil and gas.

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