Kongsberg Digital and Data Gumbo

ESG in Practice: Kongsberg Digital and Data Gumbo

Despite advances in plant and process automation, operating companies continue to struggle with inefficiencies in supply chains that provide the material, equipment and services required to operate and maintain their facilities. Although surrounded by automation, many commercial interactions between buyers and sellers rely on manual workflows for verification, invoicing and payments. This leads to human error, lengthy dispute and reconciliations and inefficient audits that perpetuate an ecosystem rife with mistrust. 

However, proven technologies can solve these complex and vexing challenges. By connecting digital twins of operating assets with smart contracts backed by blockchain, otherwise known as distributed ledger technology, companies can streamline commercial processes and generate significant savings for all involved parties.

In furthering our relationship with Kongsberg Digital to improve supply chain efficiencies, we hosted a joint webinar last month exploring the topic of integrating Kongsberg Digital’s digital twin technology, Kognitwin®, with Data Gumbo’s smart contract network, GumboNet

The webinar enabled industry experts from both companies including Michael Matthews, SVP of Data Gumbo, alongside Haavard Oestesen, VP of Growth at Kongsberg Digital, and Grant Christie, Growth Lead at Kongsberg Digital an opportunity to showcase the efficacy of combined technology in heavy-asset industries, uniting smart contracts with digital twining to deliver transactional accuracy and transparency to drive value. 

Catch the reply of the webinar here.

Over the next two weeks, from November 8-19, Data Gumbo invites you to another joint webinar as part of Kongsberg Digital’s Power Hour Webinar Series focusing on Sustainability Through Digitalization

On November 9, Michael Matthews will participate in a webinar, “ESG in Practice: How Automation and Accurate Data Can Help You Deliver On Your Goals.” Learn how emissions reporting can help businesses comply with the latest in sustainability and ESG regulations and find out more information about how to optimize data for more accurate decisions and greener operations.

Registration now live.

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