January 20, 2021
Smart Contracts
Automated Smart Contracts Supply Accuracy For Commercial Transactions By Data Gumbo Team

Accuracy in commercial transactions has always mattered but, until recently, has...

November 2, 2020
Data Gumbo, Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Thought Leadership
The Hidden Value of Smart Contracts: Measurability By Data Gumbo Team

Most common flaws existing in natural language contracts are remnants of either older...

October 15, 2020
Blockchain, Oil & Gas, Smart Contracts, Supply Chain
Blockchain to Reduce the Supply Chain’s Carbon Footprint By Andrew Bruce

Major oil & gas players have been announcing emissions cutting programs — BP publicly...

October 8, 2020
Data Gumbo, Blockchain, Oil & Gas, Smart Contracts
Thriving in a Lower Forever Oil & Gas Environment By Data Gumbo Team

Oil and gas companies are looking to implement technology to shore up core business...

September 17, 2020
Oil & Gas, Smart Contracts, LOE
Smart Contracts Drive Better Financial Visibility By Data Gumbo Team

In the first six months of 2020, 3,500 companies filed for bankruptcy. Experts expect...

September 10, 2020
Smart Contracts, LOE
Oil & Gas Needs a Real-Time Mindset By Data Gumbo Team

If this year has taught us anything, it’s be prepared for the worst case scenario —...

August 25, 2020
Construction, Smart Contracts, Thought Leadership
Creating Efficiency in Capital Projects with Smart Contracts By Data Gumbo Team


August 12, 2020
Blockchain, Oil & Gas, Smart Contracts
Getting Rid of Invoice Engineering is Possible By Andrew Bruce

Whether hot and dusty, freezing cold or perched over saltwater, a constant...

May 27, 2020
Data Gumbo, Construction, Smart Contracts, Capital Projects
Good Applications for Smart Contracts in Capital Projects By Data Gumbo Team

No industry is perfect. Each is plagued by its own unique set of circumstances — or...