Talent Spotlight: Alayne Pregeant

Data Gumbo Talent Spotlight: Alayne Pregeant

It's time to introduce our newest team member: Alayne Pregeant, VP of Marketing. Fun fact: Alayne is a New Orleans native so she knows her fair share about gumbo. Let’s dig in.

Alayne comes to Data Gumbo with a robust resume with over 15+ years of experience as a business-to-business (B2B) marketologist. She is passionate about helping innovative technology companies achieve high-growth targets and expand into international markets. Previously, she was the VP of Global Lead Generation and Revenue Marketing at Serrala, VP of Marketing at KnowledgeLake and a Global Campaign Strategist at ReadSoft. 

As an expert in developing integrated marketing campaigns to drive revenue, and building high-performing marketing and inside sales teams, we warmly welcome Alayne to the team. 

First off, let’s talk about gumbo of the non-data variety. What’s your favorite type of gumbo? Tell us how NOLA natives really enjoy it. I understand potato salad is involved?

Gumbo just so happens to be my favorite food, and what a coincidence that I now join a company of the same name! My favorite gumbo is made the day after Thanksgiving with the leftover turkey. Add andouille sausage, the holy trinity (celery, bell peppers and onions) and serve it over rice - delicious. Many NOLA natives also eat their gumbo with a spoonful of potato salad on top.


What interests you most about Data Gumbo and the customers we serve?

Being able to bring a disruptive technology to the market in its early stage of growth is where I work best. Data Gumbo’s smart contract network is changing the way companies interact with each other, utilizing blockchain technology to put an end to the uncertainty that often accompanies commercial transactions. I love the focus we have around the sectors we serve best, but also look forward to expanding our reach to industries outside of energy. 


Your professional history shows you are no stranger to global lead generation strategy. Can you tell us about what you envision for the company as it continues to grow within the next five years?

As we expand our reach outside of heavy industrial organizations, I envision GumboNet as a platform of the future for all companies seeking to lower costs and best utilize working capital. Network members will have access to numerous smart contract templates, enabling them to do business with other network companies easily. Our global reach will expand outside of the US and Europe to Latin America and Asia. Our marketing strategy and lead gen campaigns will play a big part in this growth.


What tech trends do you follow and why?

My favorite tech trends center around psychology and marketing as I am always learning more about what makes people make decisions. Lately I have been more interested in distributed infrastructure and how blockchain can be utilized outside of crypto. On a lighter side, I also love listening to creative TED Talks about education, business, science and tech as I find them most inspiring.

How do you explain the importance of a strong brand identity? What excites you most about our brand?

A brand is so much more than a logo - it’s a feeling and experience when doing business (or being a consumer) of a certain company. Data Gumbo is well on our way to creating the world’s largest industrial smart contract network. My goal is that everyone on the network feels as though the lift is lighter when doing business with other companies on GumboNet, and that it is their preferred way to transact with their customers, suppliers and partners. 


What are you looking forward to achieving with Data Gumbo?

We are making the world a better place with our technology. Being a part of this transformation is exciting and promising. Not only am I looking forward to changing the way businesses interact with one another, I also am having fun along the way with my colleagues and our customers - just like we did last week with our construction seminar and will do at our upcoming holiday party.

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