GumboNet Product Update

Price Book and More: Fall Product Update

As we enter into fall, the Data Gumbo product team has been hard at work bringing new functionalities to fruition. Key seasonal upgrades to GumboNet include:

    • Price Book
      Often a host party and a counterparty store and apply their own copies of a price book to contracts. This can contribute to disputes and confusion as neither has visibility into what the other side is doing, especially in scenarios where one company is granting discounts but not all parties are granted access to updated performance incentive pricing.

      We’ve now made it possible for a price book to be uploaded in GumboNet allowing for users to easily create transparent pricing for contract processes and to support visibility for negotiated, discounted prices to significantly reduce disputes. This release supports two general price book formats, that of SKU/item style prices for parts, products and service lines, and zone or distance band pricing for haulage.

    • Cabinet View
    • This user-friendly Screen Shot 2021-10-26 at 1.48.02 PMand intuitive landing page view enables GumboNet users a high-level overview of business insights including revenue, expense and distributed transactions. Pendingentity connection requests, active contracts, contracts in negotiation and expiring contracts are also accessible in one dashboard  for swift navigation and any corresponding action.
    • Ease of Dispute Resolution
      Managing disputes is easier than ever with an improved workflow that makes it simple for GumboNet users to determine when they need to attend to a dispute, as well as who made the dispute and other details.

    • Multi-Region Storage Capabilities
      With global data location requirements, GumboNet users can now identify and easily specify data storage regions to adhere to varying requirements including the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

    • Interoperability for Private and Public Blockchain
      For projects that include sensitive data, GumboNet enables cross-ledger data sharing across public and private blockchains to allow for granular control of information without breaking privacy. 

To request a demo or learn more about new features, please contact or your account manager.

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