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Prescient Taps Data Gumbo to Transform Insurance Underwriting in Marine & Energy

Today Data Gumbo announced that Prescient Underwriting Management & Associates (PUMA), a marine and energy risk management and insurance underwriting operation, is utilizing Data Gumbo’s blockchain-based network, GumboNet™, to […]

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How Smart Contracts are Changing Legal Contracts

While a world free of lawyers will most likely never come to fruition (to many parties’ chagrin), new technology in the form of smart contracts is changing how legal matters are drafted. Evidenced by increased adoption for […]

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Data Gumbo Enters Indonesian Energy Market with Air Drilling Associates’ Adoption of GumboNet™, First Use of Blockchain in Geothermal Energy Drilling

Data Gumbo Corp., the trusted transactional blockchain network for tomorrow’s industrial leaders, today announced Air Drilling Associates (ADA), a leading provider of specialized drilling and project […]

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Blockchain ‘Genie’ Spreading Offshore

Offshore oil and gas players are increasingly adopting blockchain-based ‘smart contracts,’ according to a Houston-based tech entrepreneur.

“A blockchain is an immutable data record – called ‘blocks’ – that are linked together as entries […]

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