Olivia Low, Project Manager, Products

Data Gumbo Talent Spotlight: Olivia Low

Next up in our ongoing list of team member profiles here at Data Gumbo is Olivia Low, Project Manager, Development. 

As an experienced software professional ranging from implementations to development to customer support, Olivia recently joined our team to oversee, coordinate and collaborate with platform developers and software architects to successfully deploy GumboNet product releases across multiple environments. Most recently Olivia managed a services development team at Quorum Software to execute on key deliverables for multiple projects. With a B.A. from Rice University in Mathematical Economics Analysis, Olivia is Certified as a Professional Scrum Master and proficient in SQL, Azure DevOps, Bitbucket and Jira. 

Welcome Olivia, we are happy to have you and your cutting-edge development management experience on the team.

To begin, can you give us a bit of background about your professional journey and how you ended up at Data Gumbo? 

I started my professional career in energy software. Having moved around various roles in the company, I was able to learn about all aspects of the software development process and that experience has proven to be invaluable for me here at Data Gumbo.

I was introduced to Data Gumbo from Fred Jefferson, a current senior developer, about a year ago. After realizing that I had a passion for building great products, I decided to make my jump to the start-up space, which brought me here to Data Gumbo.

How do you find the experience of working at a fast-paced tech startup that has deep roots in the energy industry?

From day one I learned that there is never a dull day at Data Gumbo. There are always fresh ideas being discussed and new use cases to consider. This is a place for problem solvers and quick thinkers. Although we have a heavy footprint in the energy space, our approach to our platform is industry agnostic and that has allowed us to gain exposure to use cases outside of the energy industry and that part has been very exciting. We are constantly pushing impactful features to streamline business processes. The best part of our job is seeing our customers get excited about the features we built on GumboNet.

What is one of the hardest work challenges you’ve had to overcome?

As a member of the platform development team, the biggest challenge is ensuring that we are able to support a high volume of requests from multiple departments. The key here is to strategize quickly and keep an open line of communication with all teams. Fortunately, we have fostered a culture of collaboration here at Data Gumbo and built a strong team of doers. The team knows what it takes to get stuff done and we keep things moving.

When it comes to working with and learning from subject matter experts, what categories excite you most?

Our development team is focused on keeping up with the latest technology stacks and learning more about the technologies we use here at Data Gumbo has been exciting.

Where do you see Data Gumbo in five years?

We’re experiencing a lot of growth right now in Data Gumbo. The list of customers interested in learning more about our platform and applying their business processes on GumboNet continues to grow, so I expect more growth opportunities over the next few years. I hope to see us having a strong footprint in multiple industries and look forward to continuing this journey with this team.

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