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Driving Toward Self-Service Smart Contracts: Spring Product Update

Spring is officially here and we’ve recently made several product upgrades to GumboNet to support new functionalities, enhance productivity and provide a more intuitive experience. 

We hope you like them! 

Highlights include:

  • Better visibility and management of financials with granular cost and revenue reporting structures 
  • Configurability for smart contracts to make it easy and intuitive to create contracts in plain speak
  • Ability to model financial and legal entities of an organization and assign them to smart contracts
  • Ability to model physical assets of your organization and to tie assets to specific smart contracts, for example rigs to wells, tanks to pads, rental tools to a job site, etc.
  • Ability to support automated invoicing at scale 
  • Expanded API data integration for commodity-agnostic applications
  • Easier networking capabilities allows for current users to invite counterparties to join and transact on GumboNet

Current GumboNet users report savings of one to five percent across the board with another five percent for smart contracts implemented across commodity haulage and integrated drilling services contracts.

These recent enhancements boast easier configurability and asset management as we move toward offering self-service smart contracts as a capability on GumboNet. 

To request a demo or learn more, please contact or your account manager.

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