Search on GumboNet: Spring Product Update

Spring has sprung and the Data Gumbo product team has been hard at work bringing new functionalities to fruition to enhance the GumboNet experience. Several of this season’s biggest improvements include:

Search on GumboNet
We’ve created simplified data block search capabilities by putting standardized, useful information into the metadata of blocks including, for example, purchase numbers, asset IDs, product codes and pricing, locations and commodity volumes. With this development, we’ve created fully searchable distributed ledgers and the ability for GumboNet users to search across all of their ledgers in mere seconds.

Invoice Review
A completely new and optional way to examine invoices in GumboNet, this new screen housed within GumboChain’s invoice management hub, enables users to easily review their entity’s invoices including the ability to review data blocks and other details before invoices are created in ERP systems.

Launched in early March of this year, GumboStore is our industry-grade smart contract marketplace where companies can create, deploy, publish and license intuitive smart contract templates. Users can now browse available templates without logging into GumboNet to peruse offerings. 

Other notable updates to GumboNet involve granular reporting for specific commodity types where business logic can identify if an asset is instrumented or not; a new feature that allows users to select unilateral approval for certain dispute types; as well as standardized block metadata including values, transaction users, invoice information and event data.

To request a demo or learn more, please contact or your account manager.

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