Data Gumbo Summer Product Update

Meet GumboNet’s Financial Dashboard: Summer Product Update

Summer is upon us — as is the heat in Houston — and with it comes the latest product upgrades to GumboNet: Financial Dashboard and GumboNet Connections. 

Financial Dashboard Solution

This new functionality enables GumboNet users to visually understand and share transaction data for better business insights and to drive more informed decisions. As a bird’s-eye view, it makes executive summaries available for easy tracking of real-time revenue, expenses and disputes across deployed smart contracts. You can finally answer the question: “What did I spend with company X today?” without waiting for end of month invoices or accruals.



Available as an interactive graphic dashboard, Financial Dashboard easily displays financial information for a user’s business transactions flowing through GumboNet. Configurable for various metrics including revenue, expenses and disputes, this view enables users to intuitively parse actual spend versus planned spend Additionally, it simplifies summary reporting the feature has filtering capabilities for ledgers including by currency, entity, contract type, contract, counterparty and asset as well as customizable date ranges.

GumboNet Connections

The network effect is taking off and we’re happy to present GumboNet Connections. This feature allows current users of GumboNet to connect within the network to initiate new smart contracts. It is now easier than ever to manage transactional connections, discover desirable companies with which to do business and to start more smart contract workflows that support transactional certainty. Companies must opt in to be discoverable on the network.

Quality of Life Updates

Other notable network features include:

  • Scrollable GumboNet tables to include more columns when required by a transaction
  • Updated default block size settings to handle up to 100MB of payload per block
  • Improved monitoring and logging tools for developers
  • Additional commodity type support to GumboNet APIs
  • Improvements to APIs for Daily Drilling Report/operator’s morning report management
  • Delegation of authority, authorization levels and currency now available in user management section under administrative tools

To request a demo or learn more about these new features, please contact or your account manager.

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