New Dashboards & Support for Outside Developers: Winter Product Update

The product team’s latest enhancements to GumboNet include a range of significant functionalities that benefit its expanding customer base and support the growth of the network.

Key recent updates include:

KPI Dashboards
Users can now access advanced configurable KPI dashboards to understand an entity’s actual transaction value flowing through the network, block data – including total blocks and cumulative blocks – for planned spend mapping in a graphical way without metadata examination, and other customizable reporting options reliant on data stored in the blocks to support faster, more intelligent business decisions. 

Public Templates
This new feature of GumboNet allows for a Data Gumbo administrator or an entity administrator to create, activate and share an internal template with all legal entities to make the template public. Once published, other users on the network are able to use the shared template contributing to a growing marketplace of smart contracts that can be configured and deployed by GumboNet subscribers based on use case.

Invoice Management
This dashboard enables users to easily review their entities’ invoices including a navigable table screen where pertinent invoices can be selected to view data blocks and preview invoices in PDF format before live invoices are created in the applicable ERP system.

Developer Role
In order to better support the creation of smart contracts by customers and third parties, we created a developer role in GumboNet to allow technical users access to specific tools and workflows within the network to more easily manage and understand contract and blockchain performance. The permissions include access to the following features:

  • Template Builder - Configure new smart contract templates or alter existing templates
  • Smart Code Editor - View, edit or create new smart code modules to include in contracts
  • Provisioning - Manage the provisioning of nodes and smart contract runtimes
  • Runtime Status - View status of smart contract and node runtimes
  • Configurations include convenient tools to manage smart contract templates and data sources in a no code graphical user interface.

Contract Builder
Building on the fall product updates, flexibility has been added to enable users to assign groups to edit and approve specific sections of any contract in negotiation and opt to electronically sign-off on the contract. 

Other notable features include global UI improvements to display, like cabinet widgets that display contracts in negotiation, expiring contracts, e-signature capabilities for contracts, dispute resolution display, as well as a widget to easily create a contract through a quick link that is supported by a library of templates. Additionally users are able to download their workspace, write their own smart code and write blocks locally if desired.  

To request a demo or learn more about new features, please contact or your account manager.

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